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Ayed Transport Corporation

The goal of Ayed Transportation . is to direct the operation of our business in the most competitive, profitable manner possible while maintaining a strict ethical standard . This goal is intended to ensure that our responsibility to our customers, employees is carried out in a way that delivers the most value to all


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    From day one, safety has been the highest priority at Ayed Transportation. Safety for our employees, customers and motoring public will always remain our primary focus in all the policies, procedures and programs that govern our business.

    We believe safety is the responsibility of every level of management, beginning with the Chief Executive Officer.

It is the responsibility of all managers to:
Maintain high standards in employee selection
Provide a safe working environment
Provide initial and ongoing safety training
Eliminate unsafe acts through corrective action
Abide by Company safety policies and procedures
Insist on a commitment to safety from all employees
Manage and work with a commitment to safety which will contribute to the improved efficiencies of our operation and ensure future success and continued prosperity of our company, employees, customers, and communities.

Our goals

One of the objectives of the Ayed Transport Corporation is to keep pace with the rapid development and technology used in freight services and in line with Vision 2030, and the most important of this vision is to constantly update our fleet

Our values

That guides us in our work and our relationship


Always personal commitment to implementation

Honesty and integrity

Sense of responsibility

Hard working